Main prominent activities and affecting the company during the year 1391

Acquire the tablet and honor as superior company in the 1391

Acquire superior producer in national production festival for the seventh consecutive year in 1391

The first rank in both ,productivity of capital and energy in the fourth National Festival of the petrochemical industry efficiency In addition to the production of various grades that defined in the technical license of poly propylene unit, produce new grades has continued too ( products with special grade such as High Impact EP740R it's called and random co-polymer grade ARP230) and also produce some other grades such as Spun Bounded is done.

Water and Wastewater Master Plan projects ongoing and determine the balance of water and salt wastewater on treatment plant of complex Start the CH4 Purification projects (purified CH4) on unit EO / EG

Maintain certificate of cooperating laboratories of Iran standards Institute by the Central Laboratory of complex and be prepared to do necessary act for contract in order to obtain ISO -17025 standards of international organizations

Increased storage capacity and fuel of PGH unit

Project of storage and produce gasoline , A80 that it has led to the daily production of 400 tons of this worth product and performance of loading this product line - Perform PSA of the 2EH unit projects that cause to increase 10 % of 2EH product or 45 kilograms of hydrogen per hour.

Perform of increase the storage capacity ETX ( etoxylate ) feed project

Construction of facilities for the supply of hydrogen and hydrogen loading area

Perform and Run the pipe between the petrochemical and neighbor refinery to transfer nitrogen (nitrogen interchange ) in order to provide of each plant needs during the overhaul

Implementation the PP unit compounder projects in order to expansion of the extruder capacity

Implementation of the first phase of BD expansion by 8 percent of technical experts knowledge company

Long-term operation of the reactor catalysts( R-1001C ) PGH units from 3 to 4 years change to 6 years , that have been due to the application of engineering principles catalysts, according to the problems of sanctions preparation of catalyst is difficult , in addition to reducing costs of production it guarantees persistence production in the long-term

Implementation LPG Vaporizer project to inject LPG feed gas and the produce feed gas the CHU new plant to furnace olefin plant

Organizing shazand petrochemical workers Cooperative intended for consistency in service and lateral activities the company needed and also to provide better conditions for the management and control system in this regard

Remand of distillation ethylene glycol unit Process in order to complete recycling of glycol from waste glycols mixture

Design of Batch Still Tower Reconstructive of 2EH (2 Ethyl Hexanol ) in order to reform of quite distillation and extraction of valuable materials from the feed and also saving steam and waste reduction

Following the produce of MDEA solvent project that required for gas sweetening industry to ethanol amine unit

Following Argon Purge Gas project for Recycle of ethylene from ethylene oxide units in order to increase profitability and reduce environmental pollution

Technical and Economic Assessment of construction on Research Reactors and Pilot of Ethoxylate units in order to achieve the technical knowledge to produce new grades in this unit

Project of recycle and CO2 purification on EO / EG unit Database design ideas, projects, research projects and research and development unit Ethylene dimerization catalysts prepared by titanium tetra buta oxide Feasibility catalyst SDX system replacing with the current catalyst system on linear low density polyethylene unit Developing technical Knowledge of production tank car grade on high density polyethylene

Manufacture of cobalt catalyst LC and operational use of a butene unit successfully

Compilation of technical knowledge anti-corrosion material with the application of neutralizing and rolling in petrochemical plants and refineries

Compilation of technical knowledge and manufacturing produce resin based on polyethylene pipe produced - networked with waterflood (PEXB) Developing technical knowledge and produce ethylene de-merization catalyst (ARC1) Developing technical knowledge and manufacturing propylene copolymer block Formulation of three layers of wind rolls that contain of tough and plastomer polypropylene to produce packaging films Design and manufacture of acid centrifugal pumps Design and reverse engineering of generator cooling blade Manufacture of shells, impeller and shaft that required for rotary machine in plants of the complex

Control Valve Engineering:

Providing a comprehensive booklet feed stocks and meetings with the manufacturers to provide integrated feedstock.

Applied changes of TK-807 in order to increase LPG storage facilities and build new platforms discharge ports received from within and outside the country as an alternative naphtha feed and reduce costs feed.

Abadan Refinery loading facilities project to supply part of complex FEED.

Scheduled to start construction of storage tanks in order to make sure the conditions feeding.

With regard to the variation of feed intake and careful planning to create separate routes for each feed and maintain the ability to perform quality control of each production have been conducted.

Follow-up and ongoing activities related to Business Intelligence BI Systems projects (index pilot plant area 1), human resources management, assets management system, the EAM, the system offers, fill in the entire complex network infrastructure, e-learning system (E-Learning), a comprehensive network of integrated approach to reform and improve the security of critical information, create a Server Farm, Data Center and NOC center based on world standards, the promotion and development of databases, enterprise content and document management (ECM), Hosting a full transfer of mail, preparation of infrastructure for implementation of ISMS Standards and risk Management business, design and building disaster systems for all services applications in trouble case.

Main prominent activities and effective of the company during the year 1392

Conclusion of a contracts with National petroleum products Broadcasting Company for the purchase of LPG with 25% discount against the FOB Persian Gulf. Additionally , consumption of LPG amount of 180 tons per day is alternative with much cheaper price then naphtha feed

Purchase 100 tons per day of TP200-TP100 with a 20 % discount from sarakhs refinery and replace it with naphtha

First Rank among groups of refining and petrochemical industries about information transparency in 1392

Arranging organization structure and Chart after several years 0f the privatization of the company

Preparation and implementation of job classification scheme

Taking loan from National Development Fund for Ardebil Petrochemical

Preparing feasibility report capital increase and approved by the board to increase to 200% of the capital of shareholder receivables and cash income

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